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Climaccessori srl

Italian import/export Company leader in sales and distribution of Air conditioning accessories

Climaccessori srl is an Italian Company, located in Naples, leader in wholesale distribution of air conditioning products and accessories. 

We are the ideal partner of field professionals and field companies for high quality products and punctual deliveries: wholesalers, importers, exporters, installation companies operating in Italy and abroad.

We sell a wide range of accessories and components for plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning at the most competitive market prices.

We select products of best field brands, of European origin and certified in compliance with actual European regulations.

We take care of our customers by offering the utmost assistance in sale phase, by scheduling transport and taking care of goods when loaded, by sending a photo report to our customer, and when delivered.

Products catalogue

Our supplied products : copper pipes in coils and bars, refrigerant gas, brackets, installation kits, insulating materials like rock wool and mineral wool, PVC canal and accessories, copper fittings, steel fittings, cast iron fittings, bronze fittings, multilayer pipes in steel and aluminium and air curtains.

19 countries countries where we export/import
43 funds brands we sell
21 years years of field experience

Quality, punctuality, convenience

Our strengths: high quality and wide products and accessories range in air conditioning and plumbing field, punctuality and celerity deliveries everywhere in the world at most competitive market prices.

Check our products

Products and accessories for plumbing: copper and steel pipes, insulation, steel fittings, cast iron fittings, copper and bronze fittings.

Our range of products and materials for air conditioning and refrigeration: air conditioning, PVC canals, brackets, condensate discharge pipes.

We are able to satisfy any request and schedule each phase of our products purchase. Please contact us in order to receive our consultancy.